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Aug 05, 2019
In Community Support
I've been playing PCR on an Android tablet for around half a year and i had a lot of progress and a lot of custom liveries. When i tried to export everything to my phone, all the liveries i owned were blank and all customisation and technical parts were corrupted (the icons were missing, i couldn't equip them etc.). I re-installed the game on both my phone and tablet, re-uploaded my data from the tablet and when i restored the data to my phone, this time it was ok, but the custom liveries were blank. I had like 6 of 'em, all with some effort put from me. Maybe something's wrong with my phone/tablet? Let me know if you know the problem.
Aug 04, 2019
In General Discussion
I've bought a Lancia Stratos, bought the most powerful parts available on the parts store, yet i have absolutely no idea what i should do with the tuning. The part list goes like this: Engine: F1X (542 hp) NOS: DEMON 250 SHOT (250 hp) Forced Induction: REDDY T60E (24K GOLD) (32 psi) Tires: NITTO SLICKS LARGE (360) Suspension: VX G-LIGHT (4") Intake: VX OPEN INTAKE (36 hp) ECU: SF TYPE R +VX FLUX (10175 RPM) Pistons: VX CONCEPT X (100 hp) Intercooler: PR X BLACK (107 hp) Exhaust: VX BLACK CARBON (95 hp) Stats: Speed: 450 km/h Power: 2987 hp Weight: 2382 Grip: 1560 Peak horsepower: 3108 (8989 RPM) Peak torque: 1532 (8915 RPM) Thank you in advance.


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