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Aug 5

Account data issues

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I've been playing PCR on an Android tablet for around half a year and i had a lot of progress and a lot of custom liveries. When i tried to export everything to my phone, all the liveries i owned were blank and all customisation and technical parts were corrupted (the icons were missing, i couldn't equip them etc.). I re-installed the game on both my phone and tablet, re-uploaded my data from the tablet and when i restored the data to my phone, this time it was ok, but the custom liveries were blank. I had like 6 of 'em, all with some effort put from me. Maybe something's wrong with my phone/tablet? Let me know if you know the problem.

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  • One day I logged on and i had 0 dollars, default car, couldnt choose a name, and couldnt see the shofting paddles. The day before I had got the Hemi engine thats worth 5mil or something from a crate, and I had alot of upgrades and other things. I had been getting really into the game but, yeah. now ive re downloaded the game and working my way back up, wondering if theres any way I could get my car back at least. -Jackson
  • i have problem in my login/logout facebook in pcr need this to restore my previous game, the game crash after i login my facebook
  • Hi! Thank you for taking time to read this message.Pixel Car Racer on the Amazon App store was last updated April 2018 and I have a glitch with Facebook and I think its because of the version. Can you update the version for amazon app store users. Thanks, JaredMiner