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The VidMate app is an amazing app that enables you to easily download videos from your favorite YouTube and Facebook apps to your Android or iPad. The best part about this exciting video downloading app is the ability to use it on the go. You can quickly pick up your Android phone and start downloading videos to your device, wherever you are - whether you're at work, at home or at the gym. With Android Mobile, you now have the power to watch your favorite videos anywhere.

It also uses existing apps available on these popular social media platforms and gives users access to a vast array of channels, including those that are not supported by your cable or satellite provider. Once you download the app, you can instantly add any video to your Facebook or Twitter timeline.

The VidMate App has some pretty impressive features built in. For example, you can download any video of your choice like movies, videos, music, trending videos, viral videos etc. In addition, you can also add new apps like HD Vine, which allows you to share live videos in HD with your Facebook and Twitter friends. This is one of the best features of Vidmate App. With this amazing new Android app, you can easily download your favorite videos on a variety of social media platforms and enjoy high quality video playback on your Android.

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