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Aug 02, 2019
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I've been itching at this for a while now, I know there has just been an update to PCR today, which is why I'm choosing my words carefully. I do not want to sound ungrateful for what we have and how far we have come as a community. Yes, I'm fully aware of PCR's old old old system it's been running on and how "impossible" it might be to do something like this. Before we start, I would just like to say this - I would be happy to learn the ways of making cars for PCR. I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to cosmetics, so I would be a good addition to the team along with other graphics workers and my own Photoshop and Paint.NET expertise. So without further holdups, here's my suggestion. I was messing around with the new Toyota GR Supra (A90, MK5 - not to mention it's one of the cars that just came to the game with the newest update) and applied the Pandem kit (which at the time It was the first thing on my mind), and it turned out kind of 'different',,, And this kinda fueled the question a bit more. Some of the Pandem kits on specific cars within PCR don't match up to the real life version, put in short they are mocked up. For example, the BMW E92. And Nissan GT-R R32. Is there a chance we could get 'updated' realistic Pandem kits in-game to match the real life versions in a foreseeable future update? Maybe the next? - Connor
Realistic Pandem widebody kits  content media


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