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The Making of Pixel Car Racer OST

In this post Luis Quintero A.K.A. Bitonal Landscape gives us an inside look at the creative process behind the Pixel Car Racer theme song, being only 15 years of age at the time. Let's hear what Luis has to say:


"Pixel Skeptic", the official Soundtrack of Pixel Car Racer has over +18,000 views on YouTube. Some of you asked me how I made the soundtrack at such a young age, and in this quick read post I'm going to show you.

From the intro, to drops, and to the outro. We will discuss what type of sounds used and how I bring the song to life. Let's begin!


First of all, I wanted to create something that brings you to another world. A soundtrack that shows you something you want to be a part of.

Something retro, but, at the same time, timeless. Something that brings a community together. And with that, I started with the Intro.


I created something outstanding and at the same time simple, with the plugin 3xOSC by Image Line. I created this “stellar” intro that gives gamers a warm and surprising welcome.

I combined the melody with a pad, making the sound much more introductory to what's coming.


I love the lead melody of this. It's remarkable, memorable, and catchy. Just how I love to create songs, and just how gamers remember the sound.

I created this section adding some special drums from Vengeance Libraries, then remixed them adding some EQ and Compressor.

I also create a very repetitive melody with a catchy electronic groove. Making the track much more listenable not only for people in the game, but also outside of it.

I think this is the type of songs that you can actually listen to both in the game and in other environments and still feel the emotion of it. Not only in the gameplay but everywhere.


I love this bridge! Again, a real feeling of taking you to another place.

I think this is a clear example of how to make you take a breath in the song. Something chill, giving you the sensation of going to another place, and going back to earth when the drop hits again.

2nd Drop:

It's almost the same, with the exception of an outstanding solo.

This solo is very groovy, not a crazy solo that you lose your head, but a solo that you enjoy grooving and dancing to.


The outro is really something simple. It’s like "You're done!" and at the same time it invites you to listen to the song again.

This also makes the song flow with gameplay smoothly.


I wanted to make something to take you to another place, and that’s what this song is about.

Taking you to another place, to the world of Pixel Car Racer.

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Thanks for reading!

- Luis Quintero


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Guilherme Batista
Guilherme Batista
Mar 29, 2021

after reading the whole text about how you created the song I think anyone will say you have talent. And you absolutely nailed it with this song.


Jan 27, 2021

When is going to be the next update


Gerardo Clemente
Gerardo Clemente
Nov 24, 2020

i like the music.... nice


Jun 13, 2020

can i use your song to rap on cuz its dope it non profit if i do make cash off it its going to pixel car update or for the pooor

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