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Oct 18

10car limit Underglow LED Window tint Improved parts store interface (selling items always scrolls back to first item; very annoying)

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Oct 18

Improved inventory interface to be clear. Scrolling takes a lot of time especially looking for items on the right most side in the garage.

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  • These should definitely be added into the game, especially since the body kit button in the store is carbon fibre. This is essentially false advertising and misleading as people would spend hundred upon thousands of dollars hoping for one, even though there isn't one. Please add this into the game!
  • Would love to see cars like the ford fusion/mondeo saloon/wagon, opel/vauxhall insignia, vw passat/ passat cc, subaru legacy mk1 estate/saloon mk1 - present
  • Could you please put google play in the game because I don't use Facebook and then when I restart PCR I have to Start from scratch so could you please put google play in pcr so I can get my progress back