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Jul 31

Pixel Car Racer FAQ


Edited: Aug 2


Where can I get support?

You can contact us at the following:


When is the next update?

Pixel Car Racer will no longer receive updates until further notice. In the near future, Apple and Android will only support 64-bit apps. What that means for us is that we need to port the game over to a newer game development software and compile using 64-bit architecture. Although not impossible, this will take some time. Development of Pixel Car Racer will not stop but be developed into something much greater as a result. More info to come.


When will story mode be released?

We have received an over whelming amount of responses from the community asking for story mode. It's something the whole team really wanted to finish a couple years ago but was a bigger challenge than anticipated. About two years ago we, as a team, decided it would be much better to completely start from scratch and build a modern game engine that offers so much more (Real time multiplayer). That's how Pixel Trucks was born. As it stands, Pixel Car Racer story mode will be re-looked at in the future with the completion of the new engine.

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