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Aug 7

Fastest AWD car?


Which is the fastest AWD car in the game? I guess is the Nissan Skyline, the Audi Quattro or the Audi R8 but I would like to know it.

I'm refering to a car with all the maxed pieces (with or without engine swaps).

It would be very cool if you also put your tuning set ups for the car (gearbox). Thanks!

Aug 8
Top Comment

I might be wrong but I think it still is the R35.

You mean the Nismo or non-Nismo?

I think R8 is faster. R8 got X1043 rank with stock engine, fully upgrade. With VR38 engine it gets X963 rank.

Aug 8

That's a good point because I was thinking of the R34, not the R35 but it's also very fast.

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Aug 24