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Aug 12

Can you still get the Porsche?


For some reason, I can't restore my save file onto the 1.051 version of the game anymore. Please help.

The cloud saving service is somehow wrecked in one of the recent updates, either giving cloud saving/restoring attempts empty responses or making the game act up(there may be other possibilities). In some cases, it should be not possible to restore from/save to cloud. I tried to get a Porsche as well and realized cloud save wasn't working, and my solution was buying the car on a new save in the older version and then updating it via Play Store(I am on Android, and I was on a new device without a save). If you want to get a Porsche with the switching versions method and you want to do it with a existing save on the cloud, I don't think it is possible as of now. If you are encountering cloud save issues, you can contact the devs.

Aug 24

the above answer is too long for me to read so i will briefly state - no