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Aug 14

Facebook Login/Logout Issue


Edited: Aug 14

i have problem in my login/logout facebook in pcr need this to restore my previous game, the game crash after i login my facebook



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  • One day I logged on and i had 0 dollars, default car, couldnt choose a name, and couldnt see the shofting paddles. The day before I had got the Hemi engine thats worth 5mil or something from a crate, and I had alot of upgrades and other things. I had been getting really into the game but, yeah. now ive re downloaded the game and working my way back up, wondering if theres any way I could get my car back at least. -Jackson
  • Hi! Thank you for taking time to read this message.Pixel Car Racer on the Amazon App store was last updated April 2018 and I have a glitch with Facebook and I think its because of the version. Can you update the version for amazon app store users. Thanks, JaredMiner
  • I've had this problem for a long time and have e-mailed the devs, so I would like to know if someone else has the same problem and if there's a way to solve it. The problem is that items that I get from crates and some that I buy, can't be sold; when I press the sell button nothing happens. I also have a problem with putting pieces because sometimes they don't appear as put (but the car gets its stats changed), it's only that the piece doesn't have the name of the car which is applied to. Thanks for reading!